Medical Findings

Master Medical Terminology

Android App coming soon!

Android App coming soon!

Medical Findings

Transform Your Medical Vocabulary!

Welcome to Medical Findings, the ultimate word game designed specifically for healthcare professionals. Whether you're a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, coder, paramedic, or a student in the medical field, this app offers an engaging way to expand your medical knowledge. Dive into a world where learning medical terms becomes a fascinating journey.

Why Medical Findings?

► Educational & Fun: Seamlessly blend learning with entertainment. Our word games make medical terminology approachable and memorable.

► Diverse Topics: Covering everything from Word Parts (Prefixes, Suffixes, Word Roots), Anatomy, Pharmacology, to Pathology & Microbiology. Whether it's medical abbreviations or complex biochemistry, we've got you covered.

► Expertly Curated Content: Each question and topic is meticulously researched and curated by our expert team, ensuring accuracy and relevance.

► Continuous Learning: New questions are added regularly, keeping the content fresh and your knowledge expanding.

► Interactive Gameplay: Enjoy flexible letter gameplay with handy features like a revert button, shuffle button, and easy letter navigation.

► Hint Feature: Unlock hints to guide you through challenging puzzles, ensuring a smooth and educational gameplay experience. This feature adds another layer of support, making complex medical terms more accessible and enhancing your learning journey.

► User-Friendly Experience: Customize your experience with adjustable settings including sound, music, and vibrations. Plus, our customer support is just a click away.

► Social Learning: Stuck on a puzzle? Use the 'Ask a Friend' button to share challenges via Facebook Messenger or SMS, making learning collaborative.

► Flexibility & Control: Revisit completed levels or pick specific topics to focus on. Progress is always saved, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

►Offline Learning: Discover the freedom of uninterrupted learning and fun with our app's offline capabilities. Dive into our engaging word games without needing an internet connection, for a smooth, instant play experience anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to loading delays and enjoy learning on the go.

Upgrade Your Medical Vocabulary Today!

Medical Findings is more than just a game - it's a tool to sharpen your professional language and stay updated in the ever-evolving medical field. Download now and step up your medical game!

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