Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What is included in the 12 Months Premium Access subscription?

The Premium Access subscription offers the following benefits:

This subscription is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

What can I use coins for in the app?

Coins can be used to unlock topics within the app. The cost in coins for each topic is displayed before purchase. Additionally, coins can be used to purchase hints; each hint costs 75 coins per letter revealed, helping you progress through challenging questions.

What does the hint button do in the app? 

The hint button is a feature that helps you solve questions by revealing letters in the answer. Each letter revealed costs 75 coins. By pressing the hint button when you're stuck on a question, you can get the necessary clues to progress through the game while learning medical terminologies more efficiently.

What should I do if I encounter an accidental purchase or any other purchasing issue within the app?

We understand that accidental purchases can happen. If you're using an iPhone or iPad and wish to address an accidental purchase, please follow these steps for a resolution:

Please note that all transactions and refunds for purchases made through the Apple App Store are handled by Apple, not by the app developers. This ensures that your request is processed securely and according to Apple's policy standards.

We appreciate your understanding and are here to assist with any further concerns you might have regarding app purchases. Thank you for your continued support!"

What should I do if I encounter an ad without a visible 'Skip' or 'X' button, and how do I close the app on iOS if needed?

If you come across an ad that doesn't offer a 'Skip' or 'X' button after 5 seconds, and the buttons seem hard to see or unresponsive against the background, we first recommend reporting this issue directly through the app by clicking the 'Contact' button. Your reports help us address and rectify such issues promptly.

In the meantime, if you need to close the app due to an unresponsive ad, you can follow these steps to close the app on an iOS device:

For iPhones with a Home Button:

For iPhones without a Home Button:

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a smooth and enjoyable experience within our app. Thank you for your support and for helping us improve by providing valuable feedback!

Can I turn the music or sound effects off?

Yeah, yes, you can. Go to the Settings menu where you can turn the audio, sound effects, and even the vibration off and on.

What should I do if I find information in the app that seems to be incorrect?

We take the accuracy of our content very seriously and make every effort to ensure all information in our app is reliable and up-to-date. However, if you do come across any content or answers that seem incorrect, we encourage you to report this to us immediately.

To report an issue, please click the 'Contact Us' button located at the bottom of the app. In your message, provide a brief explanation of the content in question. Our dedicated content team will thoroughly review your report and take appropriate action to correct any inaccuracies. Your proactive approach in reporting these issues is highly appreciated and plays a crucial role in maintaining the high standard of our educational resources. Thank you for your vigilance and support in helping us provide the most accurate and trustworthy content possible!

Can I request a Topic to be included in the game?

Yes, you can ask for a specific topic, click below for the contact us, and tell us what topic we should include.

Premium Access Subscription

What is included in the 12 Months Premium Access subscription?

The Premium Access subscription offers the following benefits:

This subscription is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Does the Premium Access subscription automatically renew?

No, the Premium Access Benefits subscription does not automatically renew. Users must manually repurchase the subscription to continue enjoying the benefits after the 12-month period.

Can I still watch ads for rewards if I purchase the Premium Access subscription?

Yes, even with the Premium Access, users have the option to voluntarily watch advertisements to receive rewards.

What happens if I already have an active 'Remove Ads' subscription and then purchase the Premium Access?

Purchasing the Premium Membership will supersede any active 'Remove Ads' subscription, and the 'Remove Ads' option will no longer be available for purchase while the Premium Membership is active.

As a Premium user, will I get new topics and feature updates for free?

Yes, as a Premium user, you will receive access to all newly added topics and feature updates at no additional cost as long as your subscription is active. This ensures that you always have the latest content and features available in the app.

Ad-Free Experience Subscription

What does the 12 Months Ad-Free Experience subscription offer?

The Ad-Free Experience subscription removes all banner and interstitial advertisements from the application for 12 months, enhancing your user experience without interruptions.

Is there an option to watch ads for rewards under the Ad-Free Experience subscription?

Yes, users can still choose to watch ads voluntarily to receive additional benefits or rewards, separate from the ad-free experience.

What is the renewal policy for the Ad-Free Experience subscription?

This subscription does not automatically renew. Users are required to repurchase the subscription after 12 months to maintain the ad-free experience.

General FAQs for Subscriptions

What are the refund policies for subscriptions?

Subscription purchases are non-refundable, except as required by applicable laws.

How can I check the status and expiry date of my subscription?

After subscribing, you can view the status of your subscription as 'ACTIVE' along with the expiry date on the shop page within the app. It is important to regularly check this section to manage and keep track of your subscription duration effectively.

Are there any bonus features when I purchase subscriptions?

Yes, the Premium Access subscription includes a one-time bonus of 10,000 coins and the opportunity to earn double the coins for correct answers.

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